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Virtual and Onsite Exhibition Booths Available at SRI2021!


SRI2021 offers you an opportunity for:

Community Building - Take advantage of the opportunity to meet representatives from across the global sustainability science and innovation community. Gain exposure to experts and network with your peers. Be part of a community committed to cutting-edge innovation and thought leadership.

Product Launches - Showcase new and innovative products and services to a high volume of dedicated professionals seeking the best solutions to their requirements. Show your expertise to this community.

Increased Visibility - Be part of a unique event dedicated to sustainability research and innovation. Use this platform to position your company or organization among the foremost players in the knowledge-forward sustainability sector and generate publicity and enhance your profile as a trusted brand and market leader.

Knowledge Exchange - Enjoy unprecedented access to the marketplace and discover valuable market research, industry trends, and knowledge to give your company or organization a competitive edge.

Virtual exhibit space rates and information:

Virtual Exhibitor Booth

SRI2021 offers a premium Virtual Exhibitor Booth space for corporate and non-profit organizations for the life of the SRI2021 Event Platform.

All exhibitors will have access to edit and populate their Virtual Exhibitor Booth with information, including: 

  • A description of the organization
  • Links to relevant documents, videos etc. 
  • Searchable “tags” to help attendees find relevant exhibitors 
  • Polls (if desired) throughout the life of the SRI2021 Event Platform, until December 2021.

During the SRI2021 Congress and associated pre-events, exhibitors may also connect with attendees through dynamic Trade Show sessions. Trade Show sessions are scheduled on the SRI2021 Event Platform, and enable attendees to connect with exhibitor’s representatives through walk-up style appointments hosted on Zoom. Exhibitors can view the profile of attendees who have visited their booth, and attendees may opt-in to share their contact information with exhibitors on a case-by-case basis.

Included in price:

  • Access to a Virtual Exhibitor Booth for your organization on the SRI2021 Event Platform 
  • Two complimentary online registrations for the duration of the SRI2021 Congress
  • Your logo (hyperlinked to your website) on the SRI2021 Congress app and website
  • For-profit exhibitor price: USD $1,500
  • Non-profit exhibitor price: USD $1,000

Onsite exhibit space rates and information:

Exhibitor Table

SRI2021 offers premium exhibition space for corporate and non-profit organizations throughout the duration of the Congress. 

Tables will be placed in the central flow space to maximize visibility and interaction with attendees, along with having an online exhibitor booth on our virtual platform to connect with our online attendees. The offering is contingent upon availability.

Included in price:

  • Onsite:
    • Table (1.8m by 0.9m) and 2 chairs situated in main congress thoroughfare which includes access to power and fast wifi
    • Two complimentary onsite registrations for the duration of the congress
  • Online:
    • A dynamic exhibitor booth (see above)
    • Your logo (hyperlinked to your website) on the SRI2021 Congress app and website
  • Non-profit - 1 table [price USD 1000] 
  • Non-profit - 2 tables [price USD 1,050] 
  • Non-profit - 3 tables [price USD 1,400]
  • Standard - 1 table [price USD 1,700]
  • Standard - 2 tables [price USD 2,400]
  • Standard - 3 tables [price USD 3,200]

Please note that no shell scheme booths are being provided. A range of extra services, including AV, additional furniture, cleaning, designated or specialist internet access, rigging, catering and utilities can be arranged directly with the venue. Freight of materials for your table can be arranged with the BCEC’s trusted company, Agility.

Optional upgrades  (AUD)

  • Dressed trestle table - $28.80 each
  • Witty Chair - $3.70 each
  • Power Supply - $16.30 per board
  • Display Board (Pin Board) - $46 each

Questions? Contact:
Email: sri@futureearth.org