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Cross-Cutting Initiatives Grant Program


Cross-Cutting Initiatives are integrative & synthesis activities that foster or require collaborations between Future Earth entities and/or facilitate research co-creation  and transdisciplinarity. Original proposals and those addressing priorities identified by the Future Earth Assembly are eligible for consideration.

Who can apply: Collaborations of at least two program offices from the following Future Earth networks: Global Research Network; Regional, National, and Local Committees, Early Career Network of Networks. Note: the minimum two program offices can be from the same entity group (ex: two GRNs, or two national committees)

When: Application submission deadlines are March 31 and September 30 of each year. 

Amount: up to 50k €

Selection criteria

  • Transdisciplinarity: To what extent does this proposed project facilitate research co-design and transciplinarity (1-5 highest)
  • Feasibility: How feasible is this project? (1-5 highest)
  • Impact: What is the potential of this project to create a lasting impact or results? (1-5 highest)
  • Merit: Does the proposed project align with the Vision and Mission of Future Earth? (1-5 highest)

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