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Call for Expressions of Interest to Host the Future Earth Global Coordination Hub


The Future Earth Governing Council solicits offers to host the Global Coordination Hub of its globally distributed secretariat. The Global Coordination Hub will function as the central coordinating body, and it will work with a growing network of independent Global Secretariat Hubs to coordinate and support a wide range of synergistic global activities.

About Future Earth

Future Earth is a global network advancing research in support of transformations to global sustainability. Our research networks bring together  scientists and practitioners to develop knowledge to support transformations towards sustainability. Our focus on systems-based approaches seeks to deepen our understanding of the Earth system and human dynamics, working across disciplines.  We synthesise and communicate knowledge to underpin evidence-based policies and strategies for sustainable development.


The call for expressions of interest invites potential host institutions and partners to indicate their interest to host and support the Global Coordination Hub. Hosting the Future Earth Global Coordinating Hub will offer the hosting institution(s) opportunities to:

  • Play a leading role in shaping  the direction of sustainability research globally for years to come
  • Access to a wide and influential network of organisations and institutions advancing sustainability research
  • Increase national and international visibility and leadership in coordinating global sustainability research
  • Influence Future Earth’s collective input into national, regional and global sustainability science-policy platforms and processes (including UNEA, HLPF, UNFCCC, CBD, IPBES, IPCC, etc.)

Role and Responsibilities of Future Earth Global Coordination Hub

The Global Coordination Hub and the independent Global Secretariat Hubs constitute the distributed Future Earth Secretariat. The Global Coordination Hub, led by the Future Earth Executive Director, works with the Global Secretariat Hubs to deliver the key functions of the Future Earth Secretariat. The host institutions of the Global Coordination Hub and the Global Secretariat Hubs commit funding and in kind resources to support the global work of the Future Earth secretariat, and to adhere to the mission, vision, objectives and values of Future Earth. They also commit to fundraising to support and promote the global research networks.

The Global Coordination Hub, which hosts the Future Earth Executive Director, operates exclusively at the coordination level, which is distinct from the Global Secretariat Hubs who lead programmatic activities. The Global Coordination Hub’s functions include:

  • Hosting the Executive Director and providing resources for their operations (assistant, travel funds etc). 
  • Leading strategy development of the secretariat in collaboration with Global Secretariat Hubs and Governing Council
  • Executive representation of Future Earth through the Executive Director
  • Management of, and ensuring resources for, the Future Earth governance system (Assembly, Governing Council)
  • Overall coordination of the globally distributed Secretariat activities:
    • Coordination of programs and initiatives among Global Secretariat Hubs. Chairing the Directors Council which consists of Directors of all Global Hubs.  
    • Leading cross-cutting fundraising efforts and management of partnerships
    • Leading global communications efforts
    • Management of contributions into and spending of Future Earth’s common resources (Future Earth “Core Fund”, see Glossary), in collaboration with the decisions of the Governing Council.

Application Process

Applications can be submitted here by  May 31, 2023.  The Global Coordination Hub will be selected through an open bidding and review process. The application and review process will be iterative and will include an interview / Q+A meeting of the applicants with the review committee. We encourage potential hosts to contact contact@futureearth.org or any Global Hub Director with questions.


Annex I: Review Criteria

Submissions will be assessed on current and prior work, and potential ability to fulfill the following:

  • Alignment with the Future Earth’s mission and objectives
  • Commitment to recruiting (through an international call) and supporting an Executive Director in collaboration with the Future Earth Governing Council and Directors Council
  • Commitment to the main functions and operations of the Future Earth Secretariat:
    • Resources and relevant expertise committed to manage and coordinate the transversal activities of Future Earth on a global level through strategic and collaborative leadership of independent Global Secretariat Hubs
    • Track record in attracting staff with experience in managing large scale international research networks, collaboration and global reach 
    • Credibility to engage with scientific experts worldwide and  to engage with a broad range of stakeholders, including funders both nationally and internationally
  • Hosting and Staff Resource Management: clear, transparent and adequate funding plan, including diversity of resources, likelihood of securing funding and the length of funding available
    • Committed funding for staff salaries, travel and operating expenses. The Global Coordination Hub is free to establish consortium funding models involving multiple revenue sources.
    • Sufficient funding for operating and travel expenses for staff in the Global Coordination Hub.
  • Clear, transparent hosting arrangements that outlines specific collaboration and contributions of hosting institutions (financial and in-kind)
  • Demonstrated commitment of funders and hosting institutions (letters of support)
  • Feasibility and level of detail of the plan for setting up the Global Coordination Hub, including the timeline and staffing plan

Annex II: Review Process

The application and review process will be iterative, and include an interview / Q+A meeting of the applicants with the review committee. This allows the applicants to better understand the roles and functions of the Global Coordination Hub.

May 31, 2023: deadline to submit an expression of interest to host the Global Coordination Hub
The current Future Earth Secretariat staff as well as the members of the broader Future Earth community are encouraged to support potential applicants and funders in the development of the applications. Institutions or consortia of institutions from any country or region are welcomed to develop a proposal to host the Global Coordination Hub.

June - August 2023: review process 
The application and review process will be iterative, and include an interview / Q+A meeting of the applicants with the review committee. This allows the applicants to better understand the roles and functions of the Global Coordination Hub.
The review committee will select the Global Coordination Hub, which will then be approved by the Governing Council. The review committee will consist of 8 members, representing leading experts in relevant fields, coming from different backgrounds (geography, discipline, gender). All members of the review committee will have a good knowledge of Future Earth resourcing and operations. 

August 31, 2023: decision announced


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